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Polyester is a generalised term for any fabric or textile made using polyester yarns or fibres. It is a shortened name for a synthetic man-made polymer, which as a specific material is commonly referred to as a type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is made by mixing ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. That all sounds extremely scientific but basically polyester is a type of plastic.

Most microfibre and fleece towels have been engineered from polyester, polyamide, or a combination of both, bringing you an incredible combination of softness and strength. Ultra-soft to the touch, the individual fibres of the towels are 1/100th the diameter of a single human hair. They're also incredibly durable, and capture moisture exponentially better than a regular towel. These innovative towels are perfect for the salon, bathroom, or kitchen use. Being durable yet soft and comfortable, the innovative design of microfibre is sure to deliver macro results.

Benefits of Microfibre & Fleece Towels

Lint-free – Does not give up any fluff when used, recommended for people with asthma.
Washable – May be dry cleaned or washed up to 500 times.
High Strength – Shrink resistant if properly cared for.
Extra Absorption – Able to absorb up to 25 times its weight.
Easy to Clean – Can be dry cleaned or cleaned in a standard washing machine.
Cleanliness – Leaves no dust particles, fibers, or debris behind.